Master Secret 1 - Uncovering your Mission...

Uncovering your Mission to do what you Love can sometimes be intense.

What You'll learn in this lesson;

  1. Understand your organic nature for what you want to do
  2. How to leave security
  3. Understand what your world needs that YOU can provide
  4. Understanding regret for not pursuing your passion
  5. Being intuitively in-tune with your mission regardless of opinion 


We're expected to know straight out of leaving School but the majority of us takes years to figure out what we align with and begin doing.  

There's a great line from Aristotle here; ‘Where the needs of the world cross with your talents, therein lies your vocation’ .

IN this lesson we’ll be speaking about having a firm platform to firstly digest what we love doing (what we’re naturally great at), and secondly, what the world potentially needs that no one else can do as well as you...

Course curriculum

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    Master Secret 1 : The 11 Master Secrets to Business Success and Personal Fulfilment
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    • Introduction to Master Secret 1
    • Master Secret 1 : Question 1
    • Master Secret 1 : Question 2
    • Master Secret 1 : Question 3
    • Master Secret 1 : Question 4
    • Master Secret 1 : Question 5
    • Write your ACTION STEPS Vid MS 1
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