Master Secret 4 - Understanding Murphy's Law...

Murphy visits everyone. So there's no hiding from Murphy especially when we're going for the real you. 

This Law states re-iterates the well known feeling for some that ‘if it can go wrong with any given situation, it will’. However, if we live in anticipation of Murphys law, we’ll not only be hesitant to begin any new task, but we’ll become critical when. others seem to start a project that encourages Murphy to show up.  

In this Master Secret You'll learn;

  1. How to recognise Murphy's Law
  2. How to immediately bring certain thinking into effect when he shows up
  3. Becoming one with understanding your true purpose
  4. How to become habitual in your understanding of mistakes
  5. How to make absolutely certain Murphy doesn't stay for dinner 

A very important Master Secret as most who've had a run-in with Murphy's law have given up on their entire Life's mission. In this session, we’ll talk about how to recognise and overcome Murphy’s Law once and for all. 

Course curriculum

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    Master Secret 4 : The 11 Master Secrets to Business Success and Personal Fulfilment
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